A blog two years too late

Welcome to Uncharted Parenting!

I’ve been wondering if this blog would ever get rolling. It’s been over two years now since my wife Jamie and I first discussed our ideas for a joint project sharing the stories of family life, and a lot has changed in that time.

Back then, our toddler was barely a year old and we were collecting funny tidbits with the goal of creating a webcomic about daily life. Jamie and I are both longtime webcomic fans, and as a writer married to an artist, it seemed like the perfect match.

Well here we are, two years later, no webcomic other than our very first idea from that initial conversation: a lead in to that moment when our lives changed for good:

I always thought I’d get time to write our story, to introduce each of us one by one and start illustrating the funny things our boy did while learning about the world around him. But somewhere along the line, another boy joined the family and suddenly we were hit with the reality of multiple children.

Having two kids isn’t twice as hard as having one. It’s at least four or five times more difficult!

A rare peaceful moment…

So where are we now? Our oldest is three and experiencing preschool for the first time, only recently potty-trained (a change I thought would never happen) and learning to be a big brother to our one-year-old boy. Two boys… Jamie is going to have a heck of a time keeping up in a couple more years, heh heh.

We live with two black and white kitties who are largely responsible for teaching me how to be a dad, and we share a house with my parents, living together as an extended family. We also drive electric cars, devote an entire room in our house to coffee, and did I mention we’re multicultural? After 10 years of marriage, we’re still trying to find the balance between Korean tradition and my native Florida upbringing.

Most of all, we’re doing this a dozen years later than our parents. When my dad was my age, I was making the transition from middle school to high school, chasing dreams of music and whining when I had to mow the grass on Saturday mornings.

Our oldest toddler is at least 11 years away from that stage of life, and it’s easy to think that we waited too long to start a family. But here’s the thing: every year of our lives led us to where we are today.

And no matter how frustrating young children can be, the rough nights, the whining, the crying, the sniffles, the please-stop-asking-why-in-response-to-everything… No matter what, I wouldn’t change a thing.

So welcome again to Uncharted Parenting. I don’t know where we’re going, but it’s bound to be a bumpy ride so hold on tight!

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