Photo Album Memories: Our First Tesla Road Trip


It’s been almost a year since our family started this EV journey, and in a few months our Tesla Model X will be one year old! One of our special family memories from 2017 was our first Tesla road trip, caravanning down the Florida turnpike with both Teslas, meeting at superchargers and getting a taste for long range travel with an electric car.

Our first charging stop at the Fort Drum turnpike service plaza.

Excited to go for a family trip but not ready to pile four adults and two car seats in our 6 seat Model X, we loaded both cars for the half-day drive to Riviera Beach. Henrik rode in the S with his grandparents (watching Sarah & Duck in the backseat the entire time) while 6-month-old Kasper alternated napping and crying in the X.

This will be a lot more fun once the boys are older, obviously, but the drive was easy, the stops were relaxing, and we arrived at our hotel without the fatigue often associated with hours in the car, thanks to Tesla’s autopilot feature.

Tesla Model X at Marriott Oceana Palms Resort

Our home for the weekend was Marriott’s Oceana Palms Resort, a beachfront getaway consisting of two towers filled with large 2-bedroom suites, a zero-entry pool and splash zone perfect for little kids, and plenty of other amenities found in Marriott Vacation Club properties. Best of all, the buildings are designed so that every room has a view of the ocean from their balcony!

The outdoor play area was a lot of fun: foosball, pool tables, a putting green, table tennis, and plenty of room for the boys to run around. Since this was the middle of July, the beach was far too hot, but the pool was a blast and we enjoyed relaxing in the room during the hottest part of the day.

Of course, the main purpose of this trip wasn’t to sun ourselves on the sand. It was all about the cars, so we crammed all six of us in the Model X for a visit to the nearby Supercharger, which happens to be at a Tesla showroom and service center.

Keeping the boys occupied in the showroom and waiting area was a challenge. Since our resort was so close to the Supercharger, we didn’t stop there on the way to the hotel, assuming there would be plenty of time to charge before our drive home.

While the Supercharger network is awesome, the amenities vary greatly. This might be a fine spot for adults to hang out for 30 minutes, but our young boys needed more. Since the Tesla location was in an industrial area, there were no restaurants or coffee shops close by, and absolutely nothing in walking distance (with kids, anyway). If only every Supercharger had a playground, right?

Henrik playing on the turtles in the resorts play area

The drive home was much like the drive there, with only one charging stop needed. Henrik rode with his grandparents again, and they visited the Supercharger in Port Saint Lucie while we continued on to Fort Drum since Kasper was napping.

Although the drive was too short to honestly call it a “road trip”, it was fun experiencing the Tesla style of travel within the limitations of what our 6-month-old could handle. It was enough to leave me looking forward to a real road trip once the boys are old enough to enjoy it, so look for more Tesla stories in the future!

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