All we have is time


I’ll be honest with you: the past several months have been rough.

Since I started this blog last November, we’ve been taking turns getting sick to the point where I no longer know what it’s like to NOT have illness in the house. There have been countless trips to the doctor, multiple antibiotics, days and weeks where Henrik has been pulled out of preschool, fevers, stomach bugs… the list goes on. In fact, the very weekend after my first blog post, the big stomach bug hit, knocking out each family member one by one. I lost 10 lbs that weekend, but not in a fun way.

I kept hoping it would get better, that this would be the last trip to the clinic for awhile, but it never seems to stop. It’s emotionally draining, especially on top of a 3 year old who’s still adjusting to sharing his life with a younger brother, not to mention that younger brother hasn’t slept through the night even once in over 18 months! It leaves me hopeless more often than not.

But there’s always hope. As I sit up late at night to write this, waiting for the first one to wake up crying, I’m at least able to step back, breathe, and look at the bigger picture. And I come away with one positive thought to hold on to:

All we have is time.

Illness sucks, but it’s going to happen. Many people are going through far worse, and real tragedy can happen anywhere, anytime. Every morning I write a short list of things I’m thankful for, and that list always includes our two boys, no matter how far they drove me toward darkness the day before. I’m thankful that we have this time together, and thankful that I can share my time with them.

So everything I’m sharing here is about time. The weekend getaways, the road trips, the memories of vacations past, it’s all about our time together, and nothing can take that away. I might be throwing up every two hours, but that can’t take away the moments we’ve spent as a family, and that’s why we put so much focus on family travel.

Around this time last year, we had just come home from our first Disney weekend as a family of four, exhausted from plenty of walking around the parks, but feeling as though we had grown closer during our two nights away. It was this experience, when Kasper was barely 7 months old, that led us to try a Disney cruise without the grandparents. (We had many experiences tagging along with Gabab and Poppop, but putting the four of us in a single stateroom was next level.)

That cruise, and the memories of the weekend trip that preceded it, led us to Disney Vacation Club, and if you’re a reader of this blog you can see how many family memories we’re building with DVC!

I always hope that the nighttimes will get easier, that a fun trip won’t be dampened by interrupted sleep, and maybe one day we’ll get there. But I’m not going to wait for the kids to grow up. I’m going to enjoy every moment we have right now, and use any opportunity to make each memory special.

Because all we have is time, and I don’t want to waste it feeling sorry for myself just because the boys have runny noses again.

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