Family Baseball Outing

Living in a spring training town has its ups and downs.

For the month of March, our streets are filled with Michigan license plates as Detroit natives descend in droves to follow their home team. Restaurants are more crowded, traffic is worse than usual, and forget going to a spring training game unless you want to sweat it out during the heat of the day!

But once April settles in, the major league teams are long gone and our local boys take the field, with plenty of empty seats for those of us who live here year round. We can enjoy a beautifully updated stadium designed to keep up with big league style, all for minor league prices.

And the price doesn’t get much better than $5 for 4 tickets!

Looking for something different to fill the evening hours last week, I noticed a baseball schedule at our grocery store, and with it a coupon for $5 admission on opening night. I thought it was 4 seats for $5 each, but it was only $5 for “up to 4 tickets”. So on Thursday evening, we packed up the boys and headed up town to Publix Field for the season opener.

Our seats were close to home plate, just a few rows up and off the corner of the home team dugout. It was a great spot to watch a game, but I quickly learned that our two boys weren’t interested in the action on the field.

They wanted the ballpark food, the noisy atmosphere, the grassy hill to run down, and the long ramps leading up to the big concrete runway behind right field. And they both wanted to sit in my lap, despite having enough seats for all four of us.

Obviously we didn’t see much of the game, though we did witness a homerun and a couple double plays. Henrik was mostly concerned with catching a fly ball, after seeing a couple land in other parts of the stadium, and he kept asking when the ball was going to come to us. Kasper, on the other hand, just wanted to explore, so we each took one boy for a tour around the stadium, enjoying the beautiful sunset and cool evening breeze.

Although the boys are too young to get interested in the game itself, it was a fun family outing and the stadium has plenty of room to roam. I’m sure we’ll be back, at least a few times before the weather turns hot, but I won’t stress over which seats we get. I know now that we won’t be spending much time sitting down.

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