Photo Album Memories: Oct. 2017 Disney Cruise, part 1 – Marvel Day at Sea

With opening weekend for the Avengers Infinity War barely over, it seems like a perfect time to open up the photo album and remember our last big family cruise…

It was October last year, celebrating my dad’s birthday, and not only was it a Halloween on the High Seas cruise (available on all Disney ships every October) but it was one of the first sailings to feature a Marvel Day at Sea. As big fans of the Marvel movies, we were almost as excited about this as we were about the awesome ports. (We’ll get to that in part 2 next week!)

The cruise was 7 nights out of New York, with three stops in Canada. Flying into New York and getting to the ship wasn’t fun, but once onboard I could appreciate the city and was amazed to be setting sail next to such dense architecture.

It was a typical Disney cruise, tons of great food and awesome service, but the big event was on our second sea day. Favorite Marvel superheros were lined up for photos, while other roamed the halls surprising fans. Although our boys are too young for the Marvel films, they are familiar with the characters and Henrik had fun posing with Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man and Groot.

These were special ticketed photo-ops, early in the morning (Henrik insisted on bringing his bedtime kitty along for the photos) but later that day we ran into more heros: Thor, Loki, and my personal favorite, Doctor Strange.

I did spot Star Lord and Gamora across the atrium at one point, but didn’t catch them for a photo. We also missed Captain America, Black Widow, and I believe Hawkeye was out a few times as well. Fortunately we had our own little Captain Americas:

Seeing the Marvel characters wander the ship and hearing music from the Marvel films throughout the halls made for a fun day. True to Disney fashion, dinner in each restaurant that night was Marvel-themed, with my wife’s all time favorite kids menu designs: Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer.

Sadly we missed the big show; it didn’t take place until 10pm, well after our boys’ bedtimes. We heard the fireworks from our stateroom, and back on land I found a video online taken by another guest. (Disney says no video at their shows, but people do it anyway.) The show looked really fun, so I hope we can catch another Marvel Day at Sea in the future.

This was a fun day at sea, and I hope Disney continues to entertain guests with new experiences that make sea days unique and memorable. Check back next week for the second part of this cruise with photos from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia!

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