On the End of Summer

I can’t believe it’s already time for school again…

Just two months ago we were returning from our big family trip, which took place immediately after school let out in late May, and here we are, already starting the next chapter! Henrik has had one year of preschool, and tomorrow he starts his journey with Montessori.

With the shift back to school comes many changes. Our schedule will become more regular. Kasper will have mommy all to himself for most of the day. And of course, we all have to wake up a lot earlier!

And there are a lot of feelings, good and bad, around this time.

Henrik is eager to get to his “new school”, has been talking about it ever since orientation on Friday, and that makes me immensely happy and relieved. The past few weeks I often worried that he would not transition back into school without a fight, but I think he actually tired of being home so much and craves more contact with other children his age.

Jamie is certainly happy to have just one boy to deal with all morning, and I am hopeful that it will help Kasper get past some clingy issues he is having lately. He’s grown more attached to mommy over the summer, more demanding, and I theorize that it stems from competing with Henrik who is better at communicating, etc. We’ll see how that goes…

I am filled with a mixture of emotions. I’m proud that Henrik is excited for Montessori, but also sad our summer is over and there is no more time for family getaways. We haven’t even been back home for a week yet, with that spur-of-the-moment end-of-summer vacation we enjoyed at Disney last week, but that already feels so far in the past.

There are many things we didn’t do this summer, or didn’t do as much as I expected.

We bought passes to the zoo, and while Jamie took the boys a couple times without me, I only got to see it once. I thought we would make it back one weekend, but we never did. Now with school starting, weekends are all we have, yet my brain can’t get past the feeling that we’ve missed our window.

The same goes for Dinosaur World, and Legoland, even though we visited there a few times. We made it to Disney more than the rest thanks to DVC and a solid passholder rate at hotels last week, but everything else didn’t get much attention. I went into the summer thinking I would have content for blog posts about all these fun family activities, and instead I haven’t written much in the past several weeks.

But there’s hope, right?

With a new school comes a new schedule, and there is better chance for writing if our days fall into a nice routine. Perhaps I’ll catch up on those few remaining bits from our big trip (I did finish the video for Victoria, finally), or write about a few DVC stays that have come and gone. Maybe I’ll get back to posting every Monday, only time will tell.

Right now I’m anxious for the week to start, anxious for school to get cranked up, worried about car line, lunch boxes, and whether Henrik will manage the school uniforms without issue.

I guess I’m glad this summer is over after all. Life is changing, Henrik is growing up, Kasper is following right behind him, and before I realize it next summer is going to creep up on the horizon.

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