Travel Photos by a 4-year-old

It’s only natural for children to take an interest in their parents’ hobbies.

When I was shopping for a travel bag for my camera gear in preparation for our big family trip, I couldn’t resist the matching pouch for Henrik’s camera. After stumbling upon one of our old digital cameras in storage, I figured Henrik was old enough to try it out. Even though it’s not designed for kids, he uses it quite well, taking some interesting shots around the house:

During our trip, we only brought his camera out a few times, first during our one day in Seattle, and later in a Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. I wish we had gone for photography walks around the ship, because he really enjoys his camera, at least for brief periods of time. After carrying it for half an hour, he’s done and ready to go back to being a little boy, but in those 30 minutes he loves taking photos and showing them to us.

“Flowers for Gabab”

He wanted to take photos of flowers for Gabab, and spent a few minutes in front of the flowers right outside the entrance to our hotel. He doesn’t have the knack for close-up photography yet, at least not with flowers, but it’s the thought that counts.

The rest of his Seattle shots were taken while waiting for the lightrail to downtown, and they were surprisingly creative:

(Note: I did not crop any of these photos. Aside from some basic processing, the image is just what he saw on the screen.)

We didn’t take the camera out again until we were in Alaska, but Skagway was a perfect spot. Henrik even took a photo of me standing in front of the big snowplow train:

And he loved this big statue on the main road:

Since our train ride was cancelled, walking around town was the one big activity for the day, and the digital camera made it a lot more fun for Henrik. Our second port was Juneau, and Mendenhall Glacier was a lot of fun for our budding photographer:

Henrik did take a bunch of photos in the museum we visited in Ketchikan, though the low light made it harder for him to get crisp images. My favorite photo from that day is this shot of Kasper napping in the stroller while we wolfed down some lunch before the lumberjack show:

I’m so glad that we have digital cameras, though it’s easy to take that for granted with everyone toting smart phones. Hard to believe that Jamie and I grew up in the era of film. I took an interest in photography sometime in my teenage years, but I think the instant feedback of digital would have kept me interested a lot longer.

Henrik doesn’t use his camera much at home, but we will definitely take it on our travels from now on. Perhaps he’ll wind up taking all the photos for this blog one day!

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