Our First Visit to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas Resort

We may be settling in to the new school routine with Henrik’s third week at Montessori, but part of me is still at the Boardwalk.

Early this month we booked a last-minute Disney getaway, taking advantage of Annual Passholder rates to score a 1 Bedroom Villa for almost the same price as using DVC points. We booked three nights in a garden/pool view and wound up with a corner room on the top floor looking across the water at the Swan and Dolphin hotels. (Forgot to take a photo, but you can catch a glimpse of the view in our video below!)

My folks surprised us with huge LEGO and Duplo sets in the room! They do love the spoil their grandkids, and the Duplo set they found was a particularly perfect fit: LEGO Duplo Town Big Fair.

Our first evening at the resort was lazy, just chilling in the room, ordering room service pizza, and watching a movie borrowed from the DVC Community Hall. With three nights ahead of us, there was no rush to get out to the parks or do anything more than building and playing together.

The next morning began with a character breakfast at Trattoria al Forno, just downstairs and across the village green. I heard about their vegan breakfast options and was eager to try it out, characters or not. Since it was a prince and princess meal, the boys weren’t at all interested in meet and greets, but it was a fun meal nonetheless.

Breakfast was followed by a stroll around the village green, the big artificial lawn boarded on three sides by the resort, with the fourth side facing the boardwalk itself. They show movies on the green at night, but it was always too late for our schedule, but the boys enjoyed running around before the day grew too hot.

And this was August in Florida, so it did get HOT! Soon we were back in the room changing into our swimsuits, eager to cool off in the pool. Our room was super close to the main feature pool, down five flights of stairs and around the corner, so we spent the rest of the morning playing in the water.

Most of the pool fun was captured on our Instagram stories that day, and you’ll see some highlights in our video as well. Both boys enjoyed hanging out close to the stairs, going in and out of the water, and Henrik started swimming a bit with the help of his life vest and eventually a pool noodle.

Jamie and I got to use our new water socks, a must for protecting the feet from those rough pool surfaces! They have just enough cushion to be supportive, but they are super light compared to regular water shoes, and they dry out quickly. Friendly warning, though: don’t wear them on the slide unless you want to be scolded by the lifeguard… whoops!

The slide was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t get Henrik to try it out. He wanted to do it, but couldn’t get up the nerve to actually jump in. There’s a lot of me in him, after all.

The rest of our trip was typical Disney stuff: an evening at Epcot, a morning at Hollywood, a crazy hot day at Animal Kingdom. But the pool was by far the family’s  favorite activity, and I’m glad we made it back for an extended swim each day.

The Boardwalk quickly became one of our favorite resorts, and there’s still a debate on which Epcot resort we prefer, Boardwalk or Beach Club. The one big downside of the Boardwalk was the distance from our car to our room, as none of the parking lots are close to the buildings. The Beach Club definitely has it beat in that regard, so checking in and out felt like more of a chore.

But there were so many things we loved: the village green, the boat to Epcot or Hollywood Studios, and all the activity on the boardwalk itself, which made it feel like a destination more than just a resort. We’ll definitely be heading back in the future, especially since this is one of the few resorts with a child-size pull down bed in the deluxe studios.

I will admit complete failure to properly document this resort! We shared most of our fun on Instagram as it happened, but there was at least enough video to put together a highlight reel.

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