Settling back in to school life

Winter break is over, and we’re already a week into the second half of this school year.

Getting back into the rhythm of school has been a challenge, especially at this stage of our lives. Henrik is only in Pre-K, not used to the concept of winter and summer break yet, so shifting from family-time-all-the-time to the daily routine of school has been a challenge for him.

I believe it will get better, though. The winter sniffles will eventually fade, Henrik will start to miss his friends when he’s not at school, and someday he will equate all the things he loves about his school with the act of getting up in the morning and getting out the door.

As I write this post, we’re anticipating the school’s multicultural festival, when all the kids wear costumes and perform dances and other cultural acts focused on a specific continent. This year they are studying South America, so Henrik and all the other boys will be dressed as gauchos.

I could wait until after the festival so that I can write more about the experience, but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about growing up.

Over the past few weeks, between short family trips and everyday life at home, I’ve watched our boys grow up in noticeable ways. Kasper’s language skills improve week after week, and the interaction between the boys is slowly shifting toward more cooperative play. Henrik has become very good about sharing with Kasper, even before we make a suggestion, and it warms my heart every time.

Henrik’s transition back into school life is another part of the process, and while we’re still warming up after an active winter break, I remember what it was like back in August when he wouldn’t get out of the car for anyone but a teacher. Now he is a carline pro.

As I watch the boys grow up, I cannot forget that I need to grow up as well. There are ways in which I still hesitate to be the grownup, the father, and I often think back to a quote from one of my favorite sitcoms:

Time’s up, Steve.

I think it’s someone else’s turn to be a child.

Coupling, final episode of season 3

I’m thankful that Henrik got into a great school, and perhaps I will share more about his school experience later on. Right now I just have to focus on getting his lunch packed and his tummy fed, being a better dad every day so that he can enjoy being a child.

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